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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will my new driveway last for?

    Good groundwork and professional installation are particularly essential and these will assist to increase the life span of a driveway. If well looked after your brand-new driveway should last for very many years.

  • Will my new driveway need to have any drainage?

    Each driveway project is unique however drainage is extremely important and requires to be considered. We're going to evaluate this at the quotation stage and ensure all necessary driveway drainage is in place.

  • How long will it take to construct my new driveway?

    A conventional size driveway to your semi detached house is going to take 5 - 6 days. We can provide an accurate time scale after we have evaluated the project

  • How soon can I use my new driveway?

    As soon as all the work is completed you can use your new driveway.

  • Will my neighbours be affected?

    Any disruption is kept to a minimum due to our polite workforce and our safe and clean responsible working practices.

  • Do I need to be in while you are working on my drive?

    No you can carry on as normal and leave us to complete all work whilst you are out. All we require is an outside tap for water and electric

  • What areas do you cover?

    To see which area we cover please CLICK HERE

  • How do you prepare the ground?

    All our driveways are usually excavated by machine with a depth of 250mm minimum, we supply and lay a type 1 MOT base, lay a sand laying course and finish with block paving to your preferred pattern and choice of colour

  • How do you stop weeds growing through block paving?

    Any weeds you see growing in the joints of block paving will probably be brought in by the wind or seeds dropped by birds. Maintaining your driveway and keeping it clean and free of dirt will also help to prevent weeds.

  • Will you be at my house everyday until the project is complete?

    When the project commences we will work each day till the job is complete, we will keep you informed if we can't continue due to any inclement weather. We don't usually work weekends unless we feel it’s essential but would always seek your approval beforehand

  • Do you have any examples of recent driveway projects you have undertaken?

    To see examples of completed driveways, patios, and hard landscaping installations please CLICK HERE

  • Is your work guaranteed?

    Every one of our driveways are fully guaranteed against spreading or sinking. If you have any sort of issues with regards to your completed driveway installation please get in touch.

  • Do you require a deposit? When is the balance due?

    On some occasions an initial deposit may be required upon commencement of work with the balance due when the project is completed. The deposit required is dependent upon the total value of the job and also the type of work and materials required. We shall inform you if a deposit is necessary at the quotation stage. Though generally an initial deposit isn't required and payment is only needed once the job is finished and you’re satisfied with everything.

  • Do you work in wet weather or frost and snow?

    We attempt carry on generally in most conditions, having said that, heavy rain or hard frost can occasionally delay work as we will not work in tempertures below 3 degrees. We can't risk the product quality and standard of work by pressing on with your driveway installation when we feel poor weather conditions will compromise the finish and integrity of the driveway.

  • Can you help with a driveway repair?

    We can provide advice and a quotation for any problems you have with your block paving driveway Contact Us

  • Will there be a lot of mess and disruption?

    We are very clean and tidy when undertaking our projects, permits are obtained from the local athority to place a skip outside your property and any debis is removed and taken to the tip. All materials are delivered and stored in a safe place eliminating hazards to the general public and the road and footpath is not obstructed

  • What experience do have?

    We are complete professionals when it comes to installing a brand new driveway to the highest requirements and our company has been in the building and landscaping industry for over 50 years.

  • I’d like a new driveway, what’s the next step?

    Contact us today to arrange a no obligation site assessment and quote with regards to your new driveway - Call 01942 840109 or 07730938253 . We'll conduct a site survey to measure the area, show you samples of the types of paving available and provide a quotation based on your preferred style and design.

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