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    Driveway Specialist Bolton

    Each property is as unique as the people that live in it, thats why we do the utmost to install driveways that match your style and expectations. This driveway was no exception to the rule and end result looks phenomenal.

    We used a variety of products to carry out the construction of the driveway, the timber sleeper retaining walls cut to shape on site, kerbs to give the driveway lateral restraint, and the driveway blocks laid in a random laying pattern, all 440m2 of them. A fantastic driveway showcasing the great craftsmanship and creativity by Crystalclear Driveways, the driveway design features a circular detail with both the in and out driveway radiating out from this focal point.

    This is a superb example of how to turn a tired tarmac driveway into something exceptional. The customer successfully completed the planting themselves and I think you will agree it looks fantastic and blends in really well
  • Driveway Landscaping Bolton