Travis Perkins Regional Distribution Centre in Warrington

Just over 3 years ago I first heard that Travis Perkins had opened a new central branch in Warrington and it was called the BML, this was to be the new way of contractors like myself getting the products that Travis Perkins stock but had sold out of either next day or a maximum of 48 hours delivery and could be for example anything from 1 kerb to 5 packs of paving and anything inbetween

To say that there had been issues with me and this place in the early days would be an understatement but I hasten to add they all got sorted out and at the time I told my local branch of Travis Perkins never ever to use the BML for anything that I required ever ever again

Fast forward 3 years

A few weeks ago I had arranged an on site meeting with Rob the travis perkins regional director for the north west and the branch manager from my local TP to discuss a few small issues that I had and I asked can I have a tour of the BML just to see if any changes had been made in the 3 years, Rob kindly agreed and on Wednesday 17th July 2013 I was the first contractor in the UK to be allowed to set foot in the building, It has now been renamed to the Warrington RDC (Regional Distribution Centre)


Warrington RDC

To be honest Its not a pretty building (60's style box warehousing) but boy is it BIG, massive in fact and has an outside storage yard twice the size of the warehouse, on arrival I was given a visitor pack full of information relating to what they manage to achieve from this place and I must say Andy the new general manager has certainly turned it round from what it was in the early days to the hive of activity it is now and it's certainly buzzing with enthusiasm - In fact its doing that well now they are moving to a better and larger location at Christmas time this year and I have been told that they will be stocking a lot more of the products out of the Marshall's brochure or 24 hour (next day delivery) from Marshalls into the distribution centre for products they don't carry in stock which is fantastic new for anyone who uses a wide range of garden landscaping and driveway products out of the Marshall's 164 page brochure

The Warrington RDC concept is primarily aimed at giving Travis Perkins and Keyline customers unrivalled access to thousands of Heavy side building products so that they can place their order at the local branch of TP in the knowledge that the stock will be in the branch the following day and from what I have seen and experienced at having next day deliveries arrive they are certainly satisfying customers requirements in a very professional manner.

To see first hand the changes implemented and what the process is on a daily basis to get products to us within the shortest possible time scale is absolutely fantastic, lets not forget Travis Perkins are the largest building supplies company in the UK operating 17 businesses across different trades within the Building and home improvement market from more than 1,900 sites nationwide.


Warrington North West Regional Distribution Centre

In April 2014 a new 11 arce site was opened and operations began from its brand new Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) in the Appleton area of Warrington, as well as offering customers extended product and service choice, the site will support staff training and skillset development from a purpose built, state-of-the-art Branch Service Centre.
Travis Perkins Regional Distribution Centre in Warrington

Some key statistics
11 acres total overall size of the site with a covered warehouse and everything is totally secured and carry approx £ 1.85 million in stock

  • 14 artic wagons which go through 10,000 lts of fuel per week
  • 13 counterbalance forklift trucks
  • 1 grab
  • 3 combi lifts
  • 3 moffet trucks

They work 3 shifts over 24hours - 05.30 Monday to 05.30 Saturday
05.30 Shift 1 starts - Main responsibilty goods inward (average 20 deliveries inbound between 06.00 and 12.00)
06.00 Driver start - they check vehicles, collect load information and leave at 6.30
12.00 cut off for replenishment of stock orders
12.30 - shift 2 starts pick starts for stock/replenishment goods, loads are picked one or 2 rows at a time in the routes they will be going on
14.30 Shift 1 finish Waggons will start to return from their runs and park up in the yard
17.00 Cut off for next day orders. Only now can transport department finalise route plans and prepare run sheets for vehicles
17.30 Next day orders can now be loaded
19.00 The night delivery wagons set off to make their deliveries
21.00 Shift 3 start and take over from shift 2, they will pick and load through the night
03.30 (approx) night delivery wagons return and are re loaded for day route
05.30 Handover from shift 3 to shift 1 is completed and it starts all over again

The area covered from the Regional Distribution Centre
From Warrington they cover 150 branches in total including both Travis Perkins and Keyline from Kendal in the north down to Wolverhanmpton in the south across to Leeds in Yorkshire and down to Aberystwyth in Wales and in total they employ 97 staff including 19 drivers

There are 97 deliveries per day with an average of 685 pallets delivered with the average branch getting 4 deliveries per week all with 24 hour access to approx 6 times more stock and a much wider range than whats kept in each local Travis Perkins yard

So when I ask in my local TP branch where my pack of block or kerbs are and why have they not been delivered yet - behind the scenes you have all this going on for no additional cost for the product, I think that is just phenomenal


Travis Perkins plc

Born out of the merger in 1988 between Travis & Arnold and Sandell Perkins, the group can trace its roots back over 200 years to 1797 when the Benjamin Ingram company was founded then in 1899 Travis and Arnold formed as a partnership, then in 1988 Travis and Arnold and Sandell Perkins merged to become Travis Perkins plc and has continued to grow from strength to strength

Travis Perkins


Marshalls plc

Marshalls is the UK's leading manufacturer of superior natural stone and innovative concrete hard landscaping products, supplying the construction, home improvement and landscape markets. Established in the late 1880's by Solomon Marshall, Marshalls soon began to expand and still continues to do so. In mid 2011, the company expanded into Europe with Marshalls NV – which supplies products to Benelux, France and Germany.

Marshalls PLC

Crystalclear are a Marshalls approved installer and use Travis Perkins for our Marshalls range of products, to have the back up and support from 2 of the largest and most established companies in the UK gives us the ability to offer our customers the best service in the most effective and efficient way meaning real value for money for your new driveway or garden patio

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