Tools and materials required to lay block paving

The tools can be hired from a tool hire shop and the materials are available from builders merchants or most B & Q Warehouse

Vibrating Plate Compactor

A vibrating plate compactor also know as a wacker plate can be hired from most hire shops, this is an essential tool required at all stages from the start to compact the hardcore sub base, the sand laying course prior to screeding and the final compacting of the block paving once the kiln dried sand is brushed in the joints

You must wear ear protectors when using this type of machinery especially if your using it for a long period in time




Stihl TS410 2 stroke brick saw

The Stihl TS410 Portable Petrol sawis an indispensable tool for the rapid cutting of all block paving, with a cutting wheel diameter of 300cm it will cut through steel, concrete or rock to a maximum cutting depth of 100mm.

The Stihl TS410 is compact and lightweight at only 8.9kg making it suitable for all block paving driveways or patio construction and with extremely low vibration values lets you work for longer without fatigue

You must wear ear protectors when using this type of machinery especially if your using it for a long period in time



Probst block splitter

An alternative way to cut any block paving is to use a block splitter, they have a simple and quick adjustment of the cutting height by the height adjustment screws and a fast manual operation to split the paving block with the forward motion of the lever exerting enough pressure until the block paving splits in the desired location








Hand tools and protective equipment

To transport your block paving to the spot where your laying you will need a pneumatic tyre wheelbarrow for ease of movement when the wheelbarrow is full of block, other tools required include a good clean spade, a pick or builders mattock and protective equipment including a good pair of steel toe work boots, ear protection when using the vibrating plate or 2 stroke brick saw and a good pair of gloves to protect your hands especially if the blocks are wet as your finger tips will soon become very tender and sore from the particles of swarf what is on the blocks

If you cut the block with a Stihl saw make sure you wear a protective dust mask and ear muffs

Protective clothing
Before using any plant or machinery always read the safety instructions and always wear protective clothing
gloves to protect your hands
dust mask to prevent dust from being inhaled ear protectors to protect your ears


Additional Items

Chalk, felt tip pen or pencil for marking any cuts
Tape measure
Spirit level
Straight edge either aluminum or timber
String line
Stiff brush/soft brush

Skip hire and waste disposal
A 4 cube skip will take approx. 4 - 5 ton
A 8 cube skip will take approx. 8 - 9 ton

As a guide the average sized drive on a semi detached or detached house is between 35 - 55 square metres so you will need at least 1 large and 1 small skip to remove an existing drive what is 40 - 45 square metres. This will also depend how you fill a skip and how tight you manage to place everything, if you have large voids between the debris it will be filled in no time and you will have to get it replaced with another at a cost of between £135 - £155 depending where you live in the UK 


Block paving materials

your choice of blocks, choose from a wide variety of colours and styles with blocks manufactured by Marshalls Bradstone and Plaspave all available for delivery from your local Builders Merchants or B & Q Warehouse

M Grade grit sand
1 ton will cover approx. 10 square metres at 50mm deep when compacted

MOT type 1 sub-base stone material
1 ton will cover approx. 5 square metres at 100mm deep when compacted

jointing sand/kiln dried sand
1 bag will cover approx. 10 - 15 square metres
drainage channels
manhole cover (if required)
cement (as required)

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